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We live in an era in which technology has never been so powerful and yet we keep on trying drugs on living bodies, without fully knowing the negative impacts of injecting the wrong product into a living body, whether it is an animal or a human.

But here is the solution; The Erganoid – 1

The goal of this platform is to increase the efficiency and speed of finding the appropriate treatment for the patient without having to try it on an animal or the patient himself, avoiding all the negative consequences that might arise should the drug be the wrong one. 

What we do

Swiss Medical Union SA


Platform created to test the interaction, efficiency and safety of new medical products, control the quality of pharmaceutical products and select the right therapy ex vivo according to a patient’s needs.

You can buy it and use in your clinic or labaratory.

Swiss Medical Union SA

Clinical tests

You can use all the amazing advantages of Microbioreactor without even buying.

Send us your bio-material for clinical tests. You will have a result between 7 days and 2 months depending on the requested protocol and cells received.

Swiss Medical Union SA

Medical support and assistance

Patient medical support and assistance from all over the world. Our objectivity, independence from any medical structure, experience in various health care institutions as well as medical and human ethics will allow us to combine a unique approach to each individual patient.


International team of scientists and businessmen available at all times for your needs and questions

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Swiss Medical Union SA

Daniil Golubev


Swiss Medical Union SA

Marion Argi


Swiss Medical Union SA

Andrey Alikimovich


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