Platform created to test the interaction, efficiency and safety of new medical products, control the quality of pharmaceutical products and select the right therapy ex vivo according to a patient’s needs.

closed system


HUMAN'S «organoids»


cell cultivation


An increasing amount of people and organisations defend animal rights and it is time to replace animal drug testing with in vitro methods based on human cells and organs. The testing into this external chip will help develop new medicines and more accurate treatments, avoiding negative side effects of the wrong administered drugs.

Quality of pharmaceutical products will also be monitored and controlled easily. Having this special external “human-on-a-chip” will also be essential for the R&D of new and unknown substances.



To test the safety and efficiency of new drugs


To control the quality of finished pharmaceutical products


To personalize drugs in vitro and choose the appropriate treatment


Conduct fundamental and applied R&D




  • Connecting 4 cell chips containing models of human organs and tissues.
  • Independent control of experiments.
  • Touchscreen display and firmware.
  • Regulators and sensors of vacuum and pressure.
  • Thermostatic holder.
  • The ability to connect CO2 lines to work outside the incubator.

The Chip

  • Quartz glass slide.
  • Silicone layer with channels for the circulation of the medium.
  • Polycarbonate panel for cell fixation.
  • Fittings and tubes for connection to the control unit.
  • Pump system on the chip.
  • Thermostating system.

The software

The software allows the following:

  • To simulate the activity of various organs at the same time (Reaction of the cell material);
  • To analyze the interaction between the active product and a specific human organ;
  • The organ will be able to treat and react “live” to the injected product;
  • The active substance will then be diffused in the circulatory system;
  • The substance will interact with the other organs and all the effects will also be monitored.

Your benefits as a buyer

This device will help your clients and patients get a quicker and more efficient treatment with better end-results
Innovative product solving a real issue and changing the medical industry for the long term
No need to stop the testing at any moment to add staining agents or changes of chips and adaptors
Automated process adapted to the need of the patient and the medical examination
Customer support and education given to your team
International expertise and permanent support for your group
Results are precise, automated and quick to get
Less human errors
Less overhead costs

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